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The History of Credit Counseling

The credit counseling industry has exploded in recent years. Ten years ago, the credit counseling business had only one or two main players, and the service was virtually unheard of. After the increase in consumer debt in the nineties, however, credit counseling became increasingly popular. Credit counseling agencies proliferated, particularly on the Internet. Today, credit counseling services are available in almost every city. If you would like assistance with finding a credit counseling agency in your area, we can help you.

About Credit Counseling Agencies

Credit counseling is designed to help consumers overcome their debt by making their interest rates and payments more reasonable. Most agencies negotiate with their customers' creditors to work out a mutually advantageous repayment plan. Originally, credit counseling was geared toward consumers who were behind on their debt payments, but the service has expanded now to also include consumers who are struggling with high interest rates. You do not necessarily have to be late on your payments to benefit from credit counseling. Through our site, you can obtain a free referral to a credit counseling agency that can help you address your debt problems. Trying to find a credit counselor on your own can be difficult, as you have no way of distinguishing the bad companies from the good. We have already screened our credit counseling partners beforehand, so you will receive referrals only to the best and most respected agencies.

Get Your Free Referral

We can help you find a credit counseling agency in less than five minutes after you fill out our sign-up form. If you give us a few simple pieces of contact information, we will put you in contact with one of our credit counseling partners. You can then talk to a credit counselor about your financial situation to see if you would benefit from the service. Sign up for your free referral today. If you are unsure if you need credit counseling, check out some criteria we have given to aid in the self decision.

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